Hummus Served Hot

Erin has chosen this week’s recipe.

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59 thoughts on “Hummus Served Hot

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  6. I have made many a hummus in my day but never served hot. I will definitely be serving it like this again. Reminded me of the tahini-lemon sauce I make for fish or veggies sometimes. I made my recipe as a classic hummus but added just a pinch of cayenne for a little flavor. I topped the hummus with toasted pine nuts, parsley, and olive oil. I served it with blanched green beans and snow peas, radishes, and orange bell pepper. It made for a very healthy lunch and then an appetizer that night at a friend’s house for dinner.

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  8. I love hummus and I served it hot and spicy- inspired by my Mexican chilis. I also reduced the oil and used yoghurt to reach a creamy consistency. This and some rainbow carrots and we were snacking away.

    Cannot wait for the next recipe 🙂

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  10. This is a great idea! I am making warm roasted red pepper hummus tomorrow night for dinner with some indian veggies and curry. Lovely idea and great recipes ladies!

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