Fish Nuggets Braised in Rhubarb Sauce

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50 thoughts on “Fish Nuggets Braised in Rhubarb Sauce

  1. Ladies, I am so sorry that you all had problems finding rhubarb…as did I. You’ll notice my post ended up being “fish in rhubarb-less sauce.” Argh!

    The irony, of course, is that as soon as I waved the culinary flag of surrender – and after weeks of pestering grocers who all swore to me that we wouldn’t have any rhubarb until June – the morning after I adapted the recipe to use cabbage, beets, cranberries, and prickly pear juice, I found rhubarb. Naturally, I bought every single stalk they had and began a rhubarb fest. I’ll whip up the real Bittman recipe again this week. I hope you’ll try it again when you, too, can get your hands on some rhubarb.

    • Camilla, I don’t have time to post until this afternoon but I want you to know that I found fresh rhubarb, made the recipe and (yes I had to rescue the sauce) but it turned out really good.

  2. Hi guys! This week’s recipe was a big fat fail from start to finish. The process sucked (I wasted a whole cup of sugar trying to get that caramel started), the result sucked (I threw 15$ of fresh fish in the garbage), even the fish lady was concescending. I just couldn’t find the words to blog about this. I just want to move on.

    I’ll see you next week with some kick-ass pizza dough and toppings!

    • I have been writing this on a lot of blogs this morning: I’m sorry! Sorry to have picked a recipe whose ingredients were out of season; sorry that this recipe was a bust from start to finish for so many people. I’m looking forward to the pizza dough as well.

      • Don’t sweat it Camilla! It sucked because I hate to fail. But failing means learning, right?

        Rhubarb is out of season, but that’s not a bad thing. I think everybody had to think outside the box. I chose marmalade to replace rhubarb and I think it was a good choice.

        I did waste some sugar on that caramel, but I did get it right the fourth time around.

        My biggest problem was the fish. I bought fresh monkfish. Even though I disliked the fish, choosing that fish wasn’t my main mistake. The thing is, I never buy fresh fish. It’s out of my league, I can’t afford it and I’m fine with that. And my blog, which translate into “biography of my hunger”, is all about my personal story in the kitchen. It’s about me and what I eat on a daily basis to feel happier. Fresh fish just doesn’t suit my happy story : end of story.

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  6. i’ll be posting my recipe tonight! i’m getting rhubarb in my CSA this afternoon. i already know i’m going to try a chicken & tofu variation. i’ll post later once i have access to the ingredients! cheers

  7. Ha! For once I was lucky because I froze rhubarb from my garden and was able to do the sauce. I just didn’t have time to either buy or defrost fish. My baby girl wanted me to make the sauce with the leftover lamb and German potato dumplings instead 😉

    The sauce was delicious! I am not sure I did the caramel right but it doesn’t matter because it tastes great.

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  9. Hi everyone! I made the dish but decided not to post about it. I was able to find fresh rhubarb and used Cod but the sauce was really peppery and we just didn’t like it.

    I loved cooking with rhubarb in a savory way though so thanks Camilla for the inspiration! I am definitely going to experiment with it.

    Since it’s Passover, I posted a Lightened-Up Fried Matzo if anyone is interested 🙂

  10. I am a little late in my post today and had some problems with this recipe. First, part of my diet is eating no/low sugar…so added sugar in this one was one problem. Second, I too couldn’t find rhubarb….so I went a different direction and made something more ‘fresh’ that was influenced by the colors and flavors of the originall recipe.

    I served this dish with whole wheat couscous and steamed asparagus. It was light and delicious!

  11. Hey everyone! We were able to find some frozen rhubarb at our store & I was intrigued to used it in a savory application. Since I’m not a huge fan of fish, we subbed in some shrimp.

    Once all was said & done though, we really just didn’t like the dish (not your fault, Camilla!). It was way too sour, & while some sambal oelek managed to cut it a little, this just wasn’t for us, So we won’t be posting it.

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  13. Happy Monday! This was the first time that I have cooked with rhubarb in a main dish and not dessert. I was lucky to have frozen rhubarb that I grew last year stocked away in my freezer. Because I don’t use processed sugar, I subbed honey instead. In my version, I made a sweet and sour sauce over chicken for a take-out inspired chinese dish. I cut the pepper in half as well…. 1 teaspoon seemed a bit much.

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  15. I’m late to the party this time around…and was actually thinking of not making this week’s recipe. I got home from a quick vacation late last night so didn’t get around to making my dish on the weekend as I usually do. I also didn’t think I had fish but realized I had frozen a fresh salmon filet a while back and pulled it out to get a quick dinner started. Despite my best attempts to skip this week I ended up participating after all…

    I have two rhubarb plants in my yard, a ‘gift’ from the previous owners of my house. At the last minute, I ran outside to grab a stalk and made a cucumber-rhubarb salsa. My dish ended up being a crispy-skinned salmon topped with tahini-lemon sauce and a rhubarb-cucumber salsa. I had it with some pan seared brussel sprouts–an unexpected and delicious meal, albeit a far cry from the original.

  16. this stream is hilarious! i was on vacation so wasn’t able to post, but I was really excited to put this on the to do for the future and post then. I guess it was a toughie with rhubarb out of season but I am so intrigues by the “sugar sauce” Bittman explains in his recipe. Do you really need so much sugar with rhubarb? I was GOING to add in some mango to the recipe when I do conquer it. Thoughts!?

  17. This is my first post for the Food Matters Project and it was an adventure. I have to admit that I never would have tried this recipe in a million years. The title was really a tough one to process, fish nuggets in rhubarb sauce just didn’t appeal to my tastebuds.

    I was able to find rhubarb but didn’t purchase enough so I only used about 2 1/2 cups total which is probably why I enjoyed it. I found the sauce to be sweet, sour, salty and spicy all at the same time and I would make it again. Thanks to Camilla for choosing such a unique recipe!

  18. If at first you don’t succeed, try again and incorporate all of the great ideas from your fellow bloggers! At least that’s what I did. With fresh rhubarb in hand, I attempted the dish again with several hints and tips from all of you. It was a wild success at our dinner table. Seriously. Four thumbs up from my family. Thank you for the inspiration.

  19. I’m so impressed with everyone’s creativity yet again. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to participate this week – but can’t wait to see all of your pizza toppings next week!

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  21. Oops, I forgot to comment on Friday, when I finally posted my take on this rhubarb recipe! After reading through the comments, I decided to nix Bittman’s recipe entirely, and used my go-to fruit topping recipe to create a honey-sweetened rhubarb sauce. Though I’m skeptical of how it would taste with fish, and it wasn’t quite as great as I had hoped it would be with my buckwheat crepes, I think it would be fantastic with vanilla ice cream.

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