Mostly Whole Wheat Pizza, the Food Matters Way

Niki has chosen this week’s recipe.

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A very special P.S. ~ I wanted to make sure all of you knew that our very own Kathryne of Cookie + Kate has been nominated for Best Cooking Blog in the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards of 2012! This is a huge achievement and I have to say, Kathryne – or Kate, whatever you want to call her 🙂 – deserves every ounce of it! She was the first person I went to for help when I dreamed up this project, because her blog epitomizes the kind of food that this project is about. Her healthy, beautiful dishes never fail to inspire me. On top of it all, she is just a wonderful person and I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know each other. If you don’t know her well, I invite you to check out her blog and see just what I’m talking about – I’m sure she’ll win your vote, too!

Please, check out the contest and don’t forget to cast your vote!


91 thoughts on “Mostly Whole Wheat Pizza, the Food Matters Way

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  11. I added fennel pollen to my dough, let it ferment for ten hours, and turned it into an Italian timpano – a drum-shaped dish filled with meatballs, pasta, hardboiled eggs, and cheese. Che squisito! Thanks, Niki, for the great pick. My family appreciated the addition of the white flour since I always make a 100% whole wheat crust.

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    • That looks so pretty, Kate! So glad you handled the tornado, and congratulations on the Saveur nomination! Oh, and it def made me feel better that you didn’t read the recipe fully either 🙂

      • I’m terrible at planning ahead! I really want to try making it again, but next time I’ll use all whole wheat pastry flour and let it sit for a really long time, like 18 hours.

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  14. Great recipe pick this week. I normally buy my dough from a great local bakery for $3 but it was great to take it to the next level and make my own! The tangy flavor was definitely different–definitely a great starting point to experiment with. And it takes less time to through it together than to go to the bakery…just need to remember that it needs to sit for at least 6 hours! This was a great Sunday lunch while watching the Tigers game!

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  16. I also made 100% whole wheat (part whole wheat white flour and part whole wheat pastry flour). I’ve used this method before and like the no fuss of the no-knead method! I had a few little helpers in making several mini pizzas. A great way to try several different toppings….one included a guacamole pizza. Hrmmm….it was…interesting. However, my little friend was quite excited and proud about her invention.

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  18. I love food, I love pizza, I love the FMP!!!

    I relive a lot of beautiful/nasty/imaginary/true emotions while writing on my blog. I truly got a kick out of writing about pizza and I hope you’ll all enjoy reading my pizza stories.

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  21. Group question here. The recipe calls for instant yeast. I had Active Dry Yeast but had to search around town for instant. (Go figure…rhurbarb was everywhere but no instant yeast). I finally found it but after reading some of the posts some people used Active Dry. Is there a difference?.

    • We found it called “Rapid Rise” yeast. The package says it’s highly active yeast, but I’m not super experienced with yeast, so I don’t know that it made a ton of difference.

      • Thanks! I don’t think regular yeast works but I did see some in some of the photos. I participated in an on line chat with Mark Bittman today and should have asked him the question!

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  25. WOW! This looks really good. I was searching for Pizza Recipes, I am planning to make a fantastic Home-Made Pizza for an upcoming Filipino singles party for all my filipinos here in Great Falls. As a filipino woman who just moved in America, I really dont have a lot of experience making some good pizza. In the Philippines, we have different type of Food. When I cam here everytime I attend a party, there’s always like chips, mexican food, and of course the Pizza. I think Pizza is great to have for parties. So, Really glad to find some good recipes and try. Experimenting and trying new recipe is fun to do, and everyday practice makes a perfect pizza! 🙂

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