Whole Wheat Bread + Baguettes

Melissa has chosen this week’s recipe.

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48 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Bread + Baguettes

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  5. Loving everyone’s recipes! I’ll be sharing my bread recipe in a few weeks for my post on Bruschetta, Rethought {page 51} 🙂

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  7. gosh i’m excited to try this recipe! I was gone all weekend and work the next few nights but I plan on making a banana blueberry whole wheat loaf of bread later in the week! 🙂

  8. My bread turned into the same odd shape that Kate’s did. It was, as Keely Marie said, very humbling. Anyone have suggestions on how to make sure my bread keeps its lovely baguette shape instead of deflating and spreading out during the second rise? I made my bread with unbleached all-purpose flour due to the request of someone I was making it for. Despite their odd shapes, the loaves were delicious! I will be making more bread at home for sure! And with recipes this easy, even if they turn out into weird shapes, the result is worth it. Thanks for the recipe, Melissa! After seeing your bread I wished I could have called you for tech support when mine weren’t shaping up right 🙂


    • Aura – I’m not pretending to be an expert bread baker but after much trial and error and from working at a bakery I can offer a few thoughts. First off, white flour tends to spread out more than whole wheat just because of it’s makeup. Proper kneading is also important to make sure the bread has enough gluten in it (from proper kneading) to hold it’s structure. Also, when shaping the loaf you want the skin to be really tight. This means that you have to keep folding the dough before rolling it out so that it will stay firm and hold it’s shape. Lastly, you could try this if you plan on making baguettes often: http://www.amazon.com/Chicago-Metallic-Commercial-Non-Stick-Perforated/dp/B003SZBSUK/ref=pd_sim_k_1

      Hope this helps!


      • So very helpful, Matt! Thank you! I am looking forward to making more bread because it was so enjoyable. Next time I will be sure to try your suggestions out. It can only get better from here 🙂

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  11. So mine looked lovely from the outside (I sprinkled sea salt on the top before baking) but when I cut into it it was weirdly doughy inside, despite the fact that I had checked the temperature. Ah well. Decided not to post it on the blog.

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