Crisp Rice Cakes with Stir-Fried Vegetables and Chicken

Small Kitchen College has chosen this week’s recipe.

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18 thoughts on “Crisp Rice Cakes with Stir-Fried Vegetables and Chicken

  1. I was curious to see how everyone’s rice cakes stuck together so I am laughing as I read the comments! After adding the sesame oil my rice cakes would not bind together so I added some almond meal and it did the trick. The leftovers didn’t stay in cake form though, and got crumbled up to serve the veg on top of later in the day. Despite the challenges, I really enjoyed this meal and would make it again, just without adding the sesame oil until at the end as a flavor enhancer. I used black rice for visual appeal (plus it is sticky and so good for you!), ommitted the chicken, and added several different types of veggies that were in my fridge. Great, simple meal!

  2. Going to post this one tomorrow, my pictures turned out ugly with the hurricane shutters closed during this tropical storm! The rice cakes were super cool though, I have lots of ideas for future uses.

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  7. ok just kidding ladies, I can’t bring myself to post mine. The pictures are just not doing it for me. Thanks for picking this recipe, it was great to try such a simple thing like rice in a different form.

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