Reverse Fondue

Lexi has chosen this week’s recipe.

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6 thoughts on “Reverse Fondue

    • Margarita, for some reason my comments disappear from your page (they don’t even post). I’m in the habit of copying my comments in case they disappear, which they sometimes do…so here is what I tried to say on your blog:

      Margarita, I felt a little apprehensive myself, having thrown several fondue parties back in the day and remembering how time consuming the prep was (but then again, I usually did a broth or oil fondue, cooking little bits of meat and seafood and dipping into a variety of sauces…just cheese fondue once or twice). But I was able to pull this off in about 25 minutes for lunch, leaving just enough time to mow down and make it to my next conference call. I love how unfussy Bittman is 🙂 Glad you cooked this week!

  1. Well, I apparently had eaten through my cheese stores in the fridge so I discovered midway through this recipe that I only had half the amount of cheese it called for. I think this must have made for a thinner sauce, although the flavor was still great. Anything with cheese, bread and roasted veggies is a good bet in my book!

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