Pasta with Tomatoes, Tuna and Capers

Evi has chosen this week’s recipe.

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6 thoughts on “Pasta with Tomatoes, Tuna and Capers

    • ok totally made this. I liked it but didn’t love it. Canned tuna with hot pasta to me is a bit odd. But I liked it better cold ater, just not enough to post. Thanks for making me try this one Evi!

  1. Great choice this week Evi! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ingredients on hand so I thought I’d share with you my recipe for Grilled Swordfish with Herb Caper Sauce. I think the Herb Caper Sauce would actually go well with Ahi Tuna instead of Swordfish. You could even switch this week’s recipe up a bit and add the herb caper sauce to the pasta, tuna and capers instead of tomatoes.

    Here’s the recipe:

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