Project Wrap Up

This is the last week of cooking regularly together from Mark Bittman’s Cook Book. Share your thoughts about this 75 week project. What was your favorite recipe? What did you learn? Share a new recipe that hasn’t been cooked before.

Show us your take! Leave your link below.

Non-blogging participants: If you made a dish, let us know your thoughts here or on our Facebook page—where you can also upload your own photos to our wall!


14 thoughts on “Project Wrap Up

  1. Well, this has been a fun adventure! I can’t believe I cooked 70 out of the 74 weeks! My husband had a blast trying something new each week.

    We had a spread sheet going for this project and kept track of who participated each week. Thank you Aura for helping me with this.

    Some fun facts- Together we cooked 838 times. Amazing!

    The top cooked recipe was No-Work Mostly Whole Wheat Pizza Dough on week 11. Maybe the No Work had something to do with it 🙂 Second was Curried Tomato Soup on week 7 and tied for 3rd was Bruschetta on week 15 and Corn-Avocado Salad (with a Little Something Seared on top) from week 24.

    Thank you to Erin who did so much work behind the scenes and kept me sane as I learned WordPress. Oh, and rescued me many times even just a couple of weeks ago! Most of all thank you to Sarah and Kate for starting such a wonderful project.

    Thanks to all who participated. You all brought so much creativity to this project.

    • Thanks Evi! It was a fun project. You did try a lot of recipes and you were #4 in posts! I was pretty ambitious but while wondering if I had OCD….I remembered that when this project started I had just started working part time so I had the time to really participate and enjoy the reason I went part time…To Cook!!

  2. Lexi, thank you so much for carrying on our project! Sarah and I really, really appreciate your hard work. I think we raised awareness that food matters, and that was our goal. I’m sad to see the project end, but it was great while it lasted. Many thanks to all who participated!

  3. Lexi, thank you for continuing to manage the project, you have done an excellent job! Kate and Sarah, thank you for starting the FMP. This project has been super fun and I loved cooking out of the book and sharing thoughts with other FMP members. Most of all, I loved getting to know everyone, I feel like we’re all close friends even though we haven’t really met each other in person. Life has been demanding a lot from me lately, hence, the absence from FMP and my blog too. This has been an amazing experience!

  4. Ladies!

    This was such an incredible group and I feel like you’ve been a part of my life the last year and a half. Working on a post this weekend with a round up of recipes and my thoughts on the project. Thanks Kate, Sarah, and Lexi for making it happen and work for this long!!!

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