Who We Are

Project Manager:

lexi of lexi's kitchen   Lexi from Lexi’s Kitchen

Active Members:

evi and sam of fifth floor kitchen   Evi + Sam from Fifth Floor Kitchen

keely of keely marie   Keely from keely marie

camilla of culinary adventures with camilla   Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla

adrienne of adrienneats   Adrienne from Mince & Type

alissa of BIG EATS...tiny kitchen   Alissa from BIG EATS…tiny kitchen

laura of chef laura at home   Laura J. from chef laura at home

margarita of let's cook and be friends   Margarita from Let’s Cook and Be Friends

aura of dinner with aura   Aura from Dinner with Aura

meg of my wholefood romance   Meg from My Wholefood Romance

alyssa of everyday maven   Alyssa from Everyday Maven

megan of art by megan   Megan from Art by Megan

gracie from food fascination   Gracie from Food Fascination

erin of the goodness life   Erin from The Goodness Life

sara w. of simply whole kitchen   Sara from Pidge’s Pantry

kathleen and tom of life with the lushers   Kathleen + Tom from Life with the Lushers

jessica of cheese please   Jessica from Cheese Please

jen of prairiesummers   Jen from Prairiesummers

meg of fledgling foodie   Meg from Fledgling Foodie

sandra of meadows cooks   Sandra from Meadows Cooks

anita of cooking poetry   Anita from Cooking Poetry

nancy of funkytown foodies   Nancy from Funkytown Foodies


sarah of 20something cupcakes   Sarah from by sarah ashley

kate of cookie and kate   Kate from Cookie + Kate


15 thoughts on “Who We Are

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